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Financial Planning & Retirement Income Planning

Effective financial planning is much more than savings and investments. It requires developing a strategy based on a careful assessment of future needs and goals that will weather changing economic conditions, volatile markets, and stand the test of time.

Because everyone has a unique set of financial circumstances and goals, it is important to have a plan that’s designed specifically for you and your financial situation. At Eastman Financial, LLC we take the time to listen, and understand, your financial goals and concerns. Only after gaining a firm understanding will we begin working on a financial plan designed to meet your goals and alleviate your concerns.

Our financial planning services include fully integrated plans encompassing all areas of financial planning, to plans that focus on one or more specific goals, such as:

Retirement Income Planning

  • Design a retirement savings plan to help you accumulate a retirement “nest egg” capable of providing your desired retirement income.
  • Integrate your company pension plan and/or 401(k), traditional and/or Roth IRAs, annuities,, and other retirement savings into a single, comprehensive strategy designed to help attain your retirement goals,
  • Develop an income strategy for your desired retirement lifestyle. A retirement income strategy can reduce, or possibly eliminate longevity risk, or the risk you (or your spouse) outlive your retirement savings, while also keeping pace with inflation.
  • Social Security optimization strategies designed to obtain the greatest retirement income benefit possible, over your and your spouse’s retirement years,
  • Pension maximization strategies, IRA rollovers and/or re-characterizations, and distribution planning to maximize tax efficiency.

Investment Planning

  • Develop an personal Investment Policy Statement that articulates your investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon, and establishes the criteria for investment selection and monitoring,
  • Determine your optimal asset allocation based on the principles of Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory. Your asset allocation will be based on your unique combination of risk tolerance, investment goals and time horizon,
  • In addition to Asset Allocation, we will develop an “Asset Location” strategy to ensure you have the right types of investments for each type of account (taxable, tax-deferred, or tax-free) to maximize your tax efficiency.

Planning for the Small Business Owner

  • Obtain the highest tax-deductible retirement plan contributions while building your retirement savings, and the retirement savings of your employees. We’ll help you determine the best type of retirement plan (401k, SEP, SIMPLE, Cash Balance, etc.) for your retirement goals,
  • Reward senior and highly compensated employees with higher profit sharing allocations using the ERISA permitted disparity rules, including New Comparability 401k/Profit Sharing plans,
  • Individual 401k plans and/or 412i defined benefit plans for the self-employed professional or independent contractor with no common law employees,
  • Reward and retain “key” employees with a supplemental non-qualified executive benefit plan such as Section 162 Bonus Plans and Supplemental Executive Benefit Plans (SERPs),
  • Prepare for the eventual succession of your business with business succession and continuation plans utilizing buy-sell agreements and key person insurance.